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yazoo_nightmare's Journal

Yazoo Jenova
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Character name: Yazoo Jenova
Age: 18.
Birthplace: Midgar
Current Location: Nijima
Basic history: Yazoo didn't die how he would have hoped, though he did manage to do it with one of his brothers. While he was able to die with his closer brother, he didn't manage to wiggle his way back to life with him. He twisted his way through, finding holes in the system of death to claim his life once again. He isn't sure exactly how he did it, but he managed it through. He has no idea wether his other two brothers made it, but he does know one thing; on his own, he wont last too long with his strength. Sure, he's got his wits about him and his guns, but he isn't all to strong body-wise. He's used to having a leader before him rather than always act on his own will. So he searches for Kadaj, searches for Loz; searches for the leader and for his strength.
Strength: Yazoo can barely throw a meaningful punch. Every now and then he may manage to break someone's nose, but this is a rare occurance. His legs are more strengthful, a kick doing more then his hands would hope to. His body is lithe and agile, easily slipping through anything and everything. Because of his physical setbacks, he has a gun to rely on instead.
How this character changed due to the current events: Yazoo hasn't seemed to change much at all. He still keeps his same state of mind; he's quiet and talks when he has to. His body stays the same, the perfect thing to look at but not to act with. Mentally, he's almost quite the same, except now he knows he has to fend for himself..until he finds his brothers that is.
Personality: He's quiet, but not in a shy sence. He'll act out when need, and only lead someone if he finds he's getting frusterated. He knows what he can and can not do, this being the reason he relies on his metal weapons and not his physical strength. He won't stoop down and listen to anyone's orders; only Kadaj's. He will NEVER cry in public.

((ooC; Yazoo, JENOVA, Midgar, and all the likes of the FFVII:AC like belong to SquareEnix and not me. I am kandikatt and this journal (yazoo_nightmare) is for the RP use on changed_hearts.))

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